How to save nature from human population

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World is facing the problem of environmental pollution, drug resistance, non-biodegradable compounds recycling, deforestation and species extinction (animals, plants and microbes).Increased industrialization and urbanization added to the deforestation. Unfortunately the man invasion and activity for exploitation of resources is increasing year by year. The upcoming challenge is to preserve the environment and save the green earth. A large number of fungi exist on earth and diversity of these fungi depends on geographical distribution and unique niches on the earth. Novel fungal culture sand their habitats are lost due to deforestation and exploitation of resources. A large number of research laboratories still facing the problem in the preservation of novel microbial strains. lack of skilled man power, financial issues and migration of scientists to different places. Global committees focusing in this area and looking forward to sort out these issues.

Global committee members should come out with innovative ideas and generate funds for these issues to serve human mankind and next generation benefit. Plantation and reforestation is the demand of coming time to stop extinction of species (Microbes, animal) and maintain natural biodiversity. Use of chemicals and heavy metals already spoiled the environment heavily. Xenobiotic compounds should be banned to save the future.

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