Green Crystal Social Committee is a professionally run by the group of ordinary people extraordinary determined to protect the environment not just by themselves but also by sensitizing other towards the importance of environment conservation and goading them on to participate in Education, Health care, Community Development, Tree Plantation, Livelihood Programs and Women’s Empowerment.

Our mission is to sensitize and empower people to give back to nature and live in an environment conducive to their health and well-being. Our project campaign will bring respite to the ecology of the state.

President's Message


Congratulations! My Dear Team….

I am Really Very happy to See Our GCS Committee moves Positively  Towards Our Goal.

As a GCS  Committee members, we have to take a Oath to Protect the People from the Poverty and ensure to uplift their livelihood. We have to commit to take care of Our Family and also Our neighborhoods. Women is an asset of Our World. We have to encourage and empower their skills and Knowledge. Children is not only God’s Gift; they are Our Gift also.. We have to take care of their education and Health. So, that we will Good and Energetic Citizens of the World in future.

Let us join Together to make it all Positively…

If we Can’t; Who will do?   We will do it all as a Team… All the Best..