Man is primarily a member of a social community. He should not only be concerned about himself but also for the welfare and development of society as a whole. It is truly said that “service to man is service to god”. The feeling of self-satisfaction that comes when one sees the unshed tears of joy in the eyes of one whose hunger has been appeased, whose thirst has been allayed and whose needs are fulfilled is indeed heavenly.

Social service is based on the ideal of brotherhood of man. It is a natural impulse to help men in distress. It is a noble impulse. It cannot be rendered without an element of self-sacrifice. One has to spend time and energy for it. Nowadays man is concerned only about his own welfare. Obligations, noble thoughts, duties towards society have been pushed to the background as the centre-stage is occupied by a rat-race for materialistic trifles.

Green Crystal Social Committee promotes the welfare of the people by securing and protecting as effectively as it may, a social order in which justice-social and economical. Social welfare measures at the Government level touch only a fringe of the problem. It is not possible for the Government to reach out to every person who needs help. Therefore, voluntary organisations can and should supplement the Government’s efforts in a big way in this noble task.

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The Green Crystal Social Committee is looking for people who are eager to volunteer themeselves. We are always looking for enthusiastic, energetic individuals to help in coordinating events and social activities.